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The Diced Apples

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The diced apples are a kind of dried fruits launched by the Anyang General International Co., Ltd or AGICO for short. This company has a long history in making dried fruits and has built long term cooperation with customers from all over the world. The diced apples are one of the most well received products in our company.

As a saying goes: one apple a day keeps doctor away. From that we can see that apples play an important role in our life and especially the nutrition it contains. Diced apples are another type of apple but they do not lose the nutrition and vitamin the fresh apples contain. What’s more, the diced apples ass nutrition and flavor to pies, muffins, breads and other baked goods. By the way, the diced apples can also be used in the porridge one of favorite food in China. Apple has special meaning in Chinese culture because in Chinese apple sounds like safety---one of life goals of Chinese. So people usually choose apple as the gifts for the sick people. But the price of apple is pretty high in winter and is not fresh; the diced apples seem a perfect substituent so they have a large potential market in China which has the largest population.

The diced apples are also popular among foreigners so if you build cooperation with us, you do not need to worry about your product market both in domestic and foreign. Contact us for further information.

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